The War, the experiences and the life in a convent have shaped the woman who has made the eponymous bakery the center of confectionery in Erice.
It was the year 1940 and Maria Grammatico saw her first steps in a Trapani where poverty did not grant any luxury.
At 11 years, orphaned of her father, she was sent to the Convent of St. Charles, there discovers a new world, a world of reclusion, a world of hard work.

"After the war there was hunger, there was really hungry. In Sicily it was like to primitive times. Where I lived I remember that every day there was a dead man. Every day!" From Bitter Amonds

After staying at Convent of St. Charles for 15 years, having learned the art of pastry of the convent, she decided to open a little shop where should could give light to all her acquired knowledge, starting from “only 3 pounds of almonds”, a trifle.

There, in that laboratory, in that little shop, with the help of the brothers and her mother, Mrs. Maria Grammatico experiments, invents, creates and, within the time, her name and her shop are bounded with the art of pastry in Trapani and Erice.



"I worked a lot, at eleven years I entered the institute and there or you worked or worked." From Bitter Amonds