"E l'altro monte, e l'altro monte ei vede,
l'Erice azzurro, solo tra il mare e il cielo
divinamente apparito,
la vetta
annunziatrice della Sicilia bella!"
Gabriele D'annunzio


Erice is a beautiful medieval village that stands over Trapani. It includes the history and art of Greek, Arab and Christian. In this place you can feel the atmosphere of science by visiting Ettore Majorana Institute, by visiting Temple of Venus and treading Spanish Quarter you can feel the ancient atmosphere of the another time, you can enjoy of the Balio Gardens walking and breathing the sweets singularity of the place.



In a beautiful medieval village above the town of Trapani, Erice is born. The summit, in addition to enjoying the pastries of the Pasticceria Maria Grammatico, it is possible to see the suggestive views of the Trapani territory, to immerse themselves in the streets drawn by Arabs, Greeks, Normans and Phoenicians, taste the ancient scent in the small streets. In this place you will also taste the taste of science by visiting the Hector Majorana Institute, you can indulge in ancient illusions by visiting the Venetian Temple, letting the Spanish Quarter, enjoying the Balio Gardens and losing you in the sweet and sweet singularities of place.


San vito