"Pastry is a cheerful place. When it enters the rear window, the afternoon sun illuminates the windows of the old cabinets, glides on the cakes of pastries, warms tourists, sitting at the marble tables, tasting a fig cookie or a slice of tart." from Mandorle Amare



At Maria Grammatico Pasticceria you can find Cannoli, Sicilian Cassate, Almonds pastries, Jams and a lot more. You can relish all the products, alongside very good wines from Sicilian tradition, while learning the secrets of the culinary art from the hands of Maria Grammatico



"There is so much tradition that is handed down: it's not all my merit. The merit is also of others. I learned, yes, but it has been the tradition to open my way." from Mandorle Amare



Pastries production

Cookies School

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